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Choosing the Proper Ceiling Fan Direction and Sett

The ceiling fan direction is one which can be changed on many different models of ceiling fans. This is just one setting which provides users with the ability to fix their fan to suit their needs. The following will discuss how to choose the proper direction in which your ceiling fan should rotate in addition to other setting choices you may have.

Which Way Should Your Fan Go?

Ceiling fans usually have the ability to go either clockwise or counterclockwise. The way in which your fan rotates dictates how the air blows on individuals in the room. When determining which rotation setting to use, you should figure out whether you want the fan to blow cool air or circulate hot air. If you wish to use the fan to cool down the room, then having it turn in a forward direction thereby blowing the air towards the ground is advisable. In the alternative, if you wish to stay warm yet have the fan on to circulate air in the room, put the switch on reverse and the fan will turn in a way to blow the air upwards toward the ceiling. Changing the ceiling fan direction is quite simple as it usually entails flipping a switch to change the direction from one way to the other.

Other Useful Ceiling Fan Settings

In addition to the forward and reverse switch on your ceiling fan, you will also have the choice of using various other settings. One other type of setting on most ceiling fans is the speed setting. These are often two or three speed settings, such as low and high or low, medium and high. This type of ceiling fan setting comes in handy for those who wish to increase or decrease the speed of the ceiling fan, whether it be turning in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.Some ceiling fans also come with light fixture settings. These types of settings allow the user to alter the brightness of the lights which comprise the light kit portion of the ceiling fan. Since many like to have brighter lights on some parts of the day and dimmer ones on at other times, having a light switch function on the ceiling fan is a wise choice.

Buying Ceiling Fans

Now that the direction of ceiling fans and ceiling fan settings have been delved into, it is important to determine where to buy these types of ceiling fans. Fans of this type can be purchased at home improvement stores, hardware stores and through online retailers, such as the fan manufacturer’s website or online ceiling fan stores. In order to get the best deal on the fans, try to find a desired style which you like and then once you have narrowed the selection down to the particular type of ceiling fan it is then time to find the best deal.Online retailers will often offer great deals on ceiling fans, however just be sure to look for a website retailer which offers free shipping as these costs can increase the overall price of the fan. Now that you know how best to use your ceiling fan direction, other ceiling fan settings and where to get these great items, you are well on your way to buying the perfect ceiling fan to suit your home or office needs.