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Ceiling Fans For Efficient Cooling

The relief from the uncomfortable effects of warm weather afforded by a free circulation of air is indisputable. This fact has been made the best of by the management of such places of public resort as hotels, restaurants, theaters,  and  also by owners of office buildings and factories.

The ceiling fan afforded one of the earliest opportunities for the use of electricity; yet it is only in recent years that the possibilities of this efficient means for ventilation and cooling have been fully appreciated.

This is directly due to the fact that the ceiling fan itself has been much improved, not only in mechanical and electrical detail, but in general appearance and adaptability to particular uses. Furthermore it delivers a large volume of air at low velocity, thus simulating a natural breeze, and by its location has the additional advantage that it can easily be fitted with decorative lights, thereby serving two purposes.

Much attention has been given to manufacturing details, with a view to producing motors which would operate substantially without noise.

Close-up of the flywheel on a FASCO
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In all parts of the country, hotels, restaurants theaters and shops are working for increased comfort by the use of numerous ceiling fans, in many cases finished to harmonize with the attractive surroundings.

Where ceilings are unusually high or not sufficiently strong to support ceiling fans, columns may be furnished for attaching to the floor, or of shorter length with separate ornamental socket, for counters or tables.